Friday, October 14, 2016

ashland, wisconsin murals

i spent the day in ashland trying to get some odds and ends done before our move there tomorrow. ashland is an incredible city with murals and creative mosiacs. and the old buildings ... wow. just wow. i took enough pictures today to last for a few days.
these pictures are of some of the 18 murals painted on walls around ashland. i didn't see all of them, but enough to keep me interested in finding all of them. fortunately i found a brochure that has all the locations and information on them.
the artist for all of these is Sue Martinsen. {click on any picture to enlarge them all}
 these 4 photos are the Asaph Whittlesey mural
it depicts the Ashland National Bank as it was in 1892
some of these men resemble presidents of the past
Ashland Oredock Mural. Built in 1916, it was 1,900 feet long, the largest concrete dock in the world.
this mural represents the Soo Line and the Chicago and Northwestern rail lines that came through Ashland. the men pictured are all actual railroad workers.
this is a storefront mural as they were in the early 1900's
the lumberjack mural depicts those who worked in Ashland's logging camps. their workday was from 4a to dark, first freeze to first thaw. on average the men who sawed the trees down did 100 pine trees a day at $1.00 a day. in 1893, there were 10,000 men in the logging camps and Ashland had ten sawmills that worked the timber
the Veterans mural honors all of the Ashland area military men and women. names of those lost are around the mural. i saw names that were from Desert Storm, as well as WW1 and WW2, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.
this mural depicts the 1950's in Ashland
this mural is of Dhooge's Grocery of Ashland in 1910
the lighthouse mural is of the three lighthouses (Devils Island, Sand Island, and Outer Island) that are within the Apostle Islands in Chequamegon Bay, and the lighthouse keepers for each one

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