Sunday, September 11, 2016

oh oh!

last week i was stalking the clearance aisles in walmart (because that is just what i do sometimes) and i found a box with three different lens attachments for cell phones, one of which was a macro lens.  for $1!!!!! and since my cell camera has become my camera of choice, i grabbed it. then let it sit around on my desk for a week, until today (when i was procrastinating laundry sorting, because that is just what i do sometimes on beautiful days without a cloud in the sky)

i think my photography just stepped up a notch!

a few of my "lessons learned" for macro photography:
* it is easier when the wind isn't blowing
* holding your own breath will not stop the wind from blowing
* wear clothes you don't mind getting a little bit of mud on the knees, because the closer you are for a macro shot, the better it will focus
* patience is a virtue


  1. What fun. And those macro lessons apply pretty much to life more generally.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, absolutely. I'm serious, Cindi, you need to copyright these and do a coffee table book.


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