Monday, September 19, 2016

monday ...

it was cold and gloomy when i went to work this morning, and later rained
but then the winds came and blew the rain away
every time i look at this little circle of flowers, i'm just thrilled

 if not for mowing off all of the weeds, i might never have seen these, and now, don't want them to leave. they just seem like such a happy flower, even the bumblebee seemed happy. i was going to try to take a macro picture of him, but didn't think he would be happy about that.
 gracie mae's belly keeps getting rounder, and it is obvious now that she is preggers.
last night she slept near me and wanted her belly rubbed, so i obliged. then i felt her belly move and spent the next hour with my hand on her belly just feeling the life inside of her. i found out yesterday that she has had 2 or 3 litters, but none survived. i'm sure because she wasn't getting food daily or water, and so the kittens were probably very small and she wasn't getting enough to feed herself, let alone feed her babies.  i'm praying that this will be a good preggers for her.

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