Monday, August 8, 2016

weekend ...

the weekend was busy. i worked both days which continues to take a toll on my body since standing on my feet for almost 9 hours is really wearing on me. saturday evening i laid down to take a "nap" at about 6ish and woke up at about 10:30ish. i was awake for about 2 hours then back to sleep until 5a the next morning.
 sunday evening went to the house of one of david's friends. this is his new rooster that he got to get his chickens to lay eggs. that's his Playhen centerfold pose right there.
 late summer blooms in his yard
 these were planted in the base of a stump that made me think of a fairy garden
 his turkeys are now penned under his porch because they have gotten too big to fit in the chicken pen. i was trying to get a picture of the beautiful orange sheen on the turkey to the left but was photo-bombed by the uni-turkey on the right
 this sweet girl is a new addition, rescued from someone who did not regularly feed her or provide her with fresh water and was plotting her demise with a shovel head care for her (seriously, do NOT get me started. it is not pretty.) i wanted to name her Arwen, who is Aragorn's true love in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, however, David wanted something that didn't require an explanation. we tossed around Hope because we were giving her hope for a better life but finally agreed on Gracie. she can't weigh more than 5lbs if that, and i think might be less than a year old or not much more than that. we were hoping to get an older female cat as well who possibly faced the same future but were not able to talk him out of her. yet. neither of them had been spayed, the last litter the older cat had all died. 
since it has been a pretty dramatic day for her, she is pretty vocal towards Aragorn, although i'm not sure if growling and hissing counts as vocals. she is also shedding like crazy from her fear, and i just balled up enough loose fur off me to make a mouse-sized version of her. Aragorn is a little confused since he pretty much likes everyone, and just doesn't understand why she doesn't like him. i told him it would get better and before long they would be besties and snuggling together (especially if she goes into heat soon! fortunately he is fixed and she will soon be as well)

today i have been off work and taking care of some things that had to be done. the grind begins again tomorrow.


  1. Been pretty busy, too. Geekfest is this weekend and I think it's going to be a good one this year. But I am never too tired to read your adventures. Hugs for Gracie...and Aragorn! I got Arwen right away, but I understand simplicity sometimes is better (I'll tell you about our cat OBE's name some day).

    Get some rest! :-)

  2. Thank you for you care for Gracie. And hiss and spit for her previous non-carer.


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