Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Spooner Veterans Memorial

this was just incredible to see, even in the rain
this statue representing the Air Force, appeared to be crying
the Marine was standing at strict attention, and honorably so
this could be Navy and the Coast Guard
i especially liked that they included women, and this was probably an Army nurse
 the memorial was completed in 2003 and currently has 3756 names on it of Veterans with ties to Spooner,  Wisconsin
 there are 900 granite pavers that can be engraved ~ some of them already are ~ as memorials
 this bench was just a little on the ... paranormal ... side.  do you see the handprint on the bench above? there is a closeup below.  i know that it probably was skin oils on the granite, but really?  after a full day of rain? there was no one else in the park when i stopped there
 this memorial below had a small child's hand print on the stone in the center, and no where else on the stone.

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