Tuesday, August 2, 2016

rainy tuesday ...

i am off again today (woo hoo!) although i had a dentist appointment
this was in my exam room, and while it is slightly disturbing, i suppose it is good to have a dentist with a sense of humor about things.

driving home, i again stopped to take pictures of some of the things that caught my eye yesterday (when i should have taken pictures since the sun was out and the day was beautiful, but you know how that goes)
first this old, abandoned school
there are many of them here.  too many, and it really is quite sad.  i understand why some have been abandoned as people left the area for work when the mines closed and logging changed. i'm sure too that heating a large building like that with coal or wood fueled furnaces became impractical and expensive. but as someone who is always looking at buildings with an eye for the "what ifs?" it is especially disheartening for me to see them abandoned. those who have read my book Trooper's Run know that the first chapter was essentially my Master's thesis and an idea for revitalizing a grocery store and shopping center to provide not just jobs for an area, but a place for people (and dogs) to socialize. i would also love to see decommissioned Navy ships be used for housing the homeless. but enough of my soap box speech ... so imagine my excitement when i saw this old school house
 which has been renovated to be apartments and business offices!!!!!
if i had found these when i first came to the UP, (and had been alone without pets) i would have loved to live in one of these! (and don't you just LOVE the maple tree in front?  i do!!!)
okay ... one more find ... eh, two ...
 this iron man (pun intended by the artist i'm sure) is made of ... iron! (duh!) and represents the iron ore miners and workers that once populated the UP.  i saw it first still in progress in the yard of the artist two years ago, shortly after moving here. now finished, it sits across from one of the downtown parks in Bessemer.

and these. new coffee mugs that hold 20oz of coffee! 
(just enough to make me semi-tolerable most mornings)
found them at Walmart (no, not a plug, just fyi in case you want your own)
they were just under $5 each, and probably a splurge i didn't need (no probably about it, i've got more coffee mugs than i know what to drink from ~ but none this large, so that is my justification)
can you guess which one is mine?


  1. Love the iron man.
    And am voting for Messy Hair, Don't Care.

    1. and of course you would be right. the other, the sugar skull, makes me think of Eden Riley every time i look at it.

  2. I sais Messy Hair, too, before I saw your answer. :-) I love the old school building, too. Sadly, I see empty buildings here,too, but none with the character you are seeing. I'm sad for them. But glad you sharing.


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