Monday, August 29, 2016

oh, and cheese too

i tried (loved!) #1, 2 & 4!
i no longer drink wine, but i love the label on this mead wine!
and this blend ... would have loved it!
i also managed to drive through downtown cumberland (in the rain) in the middle of the 84th annual rutabaga festival.
rutabaga, by the way, is one of the main veggies in authentic pasties
a staple in the U.P.'s diet

i did do a u-turn in cable, wi ~ twice actually ~ the first one was to see if i could get a picture of a doe and two spotted fawns that were grazing by the road, but by the time i turned around and got back to where i saw them, they were gone.
i went back to the gallery where i had done the u-turn, the Art Market 63
really talented people are a part of the co-op, and i wish they would sell online
no pictures because the work is all one of a kind, but the link above has some links to artists that shows their work.

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