Friday, August 12, 2016

friday ...

we had not been out to Black River Harbor since ... i don't even know when. the storms that hit right after the 4th of July that destroyed Saxon Harbor in Wisconsin did a lot of damage there also, but more to the shoreline and the hills.  there were a lot of mudslides where the ground just gave away and the shoreline was really eroded. today was just a rainy kind of day to go rock hunting.

 the lake superior shoreline at Black River Harbor

this is a picture of a guy taking a picture of a chipmunk he was feeding.
it is that little black thing to his left.
this was a section of the shoreline that previously had been kind of like a ditch filled with old trees and driftwood. it is now completely filled in and most of the driftwood washed out.
i call this one determination
 a very cool piece of driftwood that i found and some cool looking rocks.  there are two larger ones that look almost like they are fossils.

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