Saturday, August 27, 2016

a road trip in many parts ...

there was a road trip today in two parts, one that was shared with my husband, and the other that was not.

it has been a long time since we've done a really long road trip (really long = 4+ hours). my theory on road trips and how they impact relationships has so far been 100% accurate (in my life & relationships anyway)

here it is ... in a sort of when harry met sally kind of way ... if you can go on a "really long" road trip with a friend, and still be friends when you arrive at your destination, you have found that BFF (best friend forever)
if you take the same "really long" road trip with a spouse or significant other, and are still together when you arrive at your destination, then you have found your soul mate.

my husband and i are soul mates, of that i am certain. we can enjoy comfortable silences and finish each other's thoughts. a road trip with him never seems too long, only too short.

yesterday he got a call he had been both waiting for and dreading. what happened next could only have been orchestrated by God. the family was called to see their father, and grandfather, in what will be his final hours or days. we just barely had the funds to get him on a bus that would have taken him 56 hours to get there, with less than an hour to get the funds and purchase the ticket.

unexpectedly when looking at all of our options, i found an airline that could have him there in less than 6 hours, for just $40 more than the bus ticket would cost.  there were only seven tickets left at that price, and every other airline was offering the same itinerary for more than double the cost. after trying to figure out how to come up with the extra funds, came an offer to front the funds to make it happen.

less than 15 hours later, he was on that flight.

that left me with the drive home. alone. now, what i will share next should in no way ever be held against me in any court to determine my sanity. there were extenuating circumstances. like only 4ish hours of sleep. two large mugs of coffee. half a can of an energy drink. a free chocolate chip cookie. a bottle of unsweetened ice tea.
  1. my first hypothesis proved is that for every new route driven, the trip there always seems longer than the trip home, because you've seen all the landmarks already. so your brain knows how far you have to go. there isn't any need to question are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet because your brain has already got the answer.
  2. the caveat to that is if you are driving in the woods in the middle of who knows where, in the rain, nothing looks as it did before. especially if the first hour of the drive was done in the dark. so the return trip, even if the blue line on the gps says you've been there done that, the brain says no way no how i've never seen this stuff before are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet?
  3. when that happens, time seems to stand still. your eyes flick to the left and you see the expected "arrival" time on the gps. flick right, you see the time on the car clock. instantly, your brain vomits all kinds of irrational thoughts. wwhhhhaaaatttt? it said i had two hours to go two hours ago! how can i have two more hours? that's just impossible! okay, so i stopped at the cheese factory and had a few pieces of cheese, and went to the bathroom, and stopped to fill the tank up with gas, and went to the bathroom, and turned around just once, okay twice, to take pictures, and stopped at an art gallery, and went to the bathroom, but there is no friggin' way that i took more than an hour! when was the last time i saw a car on this road? there sure are a lot of cornfields out here. where was jasonvorheesmichaelmyersfreddykruger from?
    hey, check that out, the rain condensation on the back window looks just like laughing bunny rabbits dancing a conga line! do i really have to read every.single.sign out loud? i wonder what they mean when they say "go kayak zombies can't swim." whhhhaaaatttt???? how can i STILL have two hours to go??? didn't it just say i had two hours only two hours ago? hmmmmm "don't transport aquatic hitchhikers" how do i tell when someone is an aquatic hitchhiker?  i wonder if they are talking about kayakers or zombies?
so i made it home, somehow turning a four and a half hour drive into a six+ hour drive, with lots of pictures and things seen, and a few days of posts to fill from it all. but right now ... sleep.


  1. Sleep well. I hope that your husband's father goes gently into that last good night.

    1. Thank you. I have the same hope for him, but am glad that David has the opportunity to see him before he passes.


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