Friday, August 5, 2016

a river cruise review ...

there is a link up above that will take you to my Christmas 2007 Rhine Holiday Markets cruise ... and while i shared all the pictures, postcards, trip notes, and menus, there is one thing that i did neglect to share ~ tho not on purpose ~ and that was an honest review of the company i chose to cruise with.

Uniworld came recommended by a friend whose parents had gone on several cruises with them. it was only later, after my second cruise with them, that my friend got around to taking the Rhine River Christmas Markets cruise herself.

the fact that i took a second trip with them for the Danube Holiday Markets cruise is probably a clue that i enjoyed the first one.  but to be completely transparent, Germany has always had a special place in my heart. if the cruise had been the worst ever, i still would have enjoyed it just because i was back in Germany again. thankfully that wasn't the case.

from the moment i went online to look at the tour options to the moment i walked back in my front door after my second trip with Uniworld, i can't think of one thing that went wrong for either trip. booking my trip the first time, including my flights to and from Panama City, Florida; to New York, NY and from Newark, NJ; and to Germany. their reservation center who helped me book my first trip did not miss anything when we were walking through all of the flights and itineraries for the trip.

from the moment i stepped on board the River Queen for my first tour, to the last time i stepped off the River Empress a year later, the crew of both boats (yes, a boat is the correct type of vessel term as we were corrected by the crew the first year) were just incredible. from the captains of both boats down to the sweet ladies who made our beds each day while we were out on the morning tours, everyone was so nice, friendly and polite. the crew members come from all over Europe and were very willing to share what their corners of the world were like.

the food was incredible (an understatement, honestly, it was amazing every night!) i really appreciated how each boat's chef worked to put together a menu each night that drew from the local cuisine. on both cruises, i was determined to eat something new and different every night, and it was not difficult to do that.

there is a reason that Uniworld is Travel & Leisure's 2016 World's Best River Cruise Line. but don't take their word or mine. find out for yourself. i promise you won't regret it.

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