Sunday, July 3, 2016

sunday ...

i can always tell when i'm tired.  my mind runs off in a gazillion different ways. for example ... i went to get some ice cubes for my tea and my hand stuck to the metal tray. my mind instantly went to that kid in the movie "a Christmas story" that got his tongue stuck to the metal pole.

below are the ski slopes at big powderhorn that look completely different in the summer with all that green on them.  but i'm not complaining.
i wasn't able to get pictures of the pink flowers that i saw on the back roads yesterday because there was a very impatient truck behind me, and slowing to safely pull off the road was out of the question.
fortunately, i saw some just down the street from the house.  if i'd seen them yesterday, i wouldn't have taken the long way home.

in an unrelated-to-flowers observation ...
something unexpected happened that you can read about [here]

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