Thursday, July 14, 2016

storm ...

first a disclaimer ~ none of these pictures are mine.  they were all taken from public pages on facebook.

photo taken in Ashland, WI
a [tornado and fierce storm] hit Monday night just a few miles north of us
the [tornado was an F1] ~ 90 mph winds (and just to put it in perspective, a [Cat1 hurricane] is 74-94 mph winds)
the [brunt of the rain and flooding damage] was in Ashland, Wisconsin, not far from us either
Wakefield, MI
Wakefield, MI with Sunday Lake in background
downed power line in Wakefield, MI with Sunday Lake in background
former ice rink on Sunday Lake with roof torn off and thrown into the lake
camping trailer on Sunday Lake tossed on its side ~ person inside had to break out a window to escape
 these two are trees on the Sunday Lake that were snapped and blown down

a washed out road in Wisconsin ~ there were several washed out roads, and the drive to Ashland now has to go 4 hours out of the way to get there
a picture of the devastation of Saxon Harbor in Wisconsin.  most of the boats were sunk or otherwise destroyed
as of today, there were three deaths related to the flooding and storm
Wakefield is still without power
Sunday Lake has been closed until they can remove all the debris
Saxon Harbor will probably take years to repair
(just from having been through hurricanes and knowing that there are parts of New Orleans that still haven't been repaired since Katrina)


  1. Some days mother nature plays rough. My heart goes out to those affected.

  2. I'm glad that you are ok. Prayers for those three families, and for all affected. Mother Nature can be beautiful but so deadly sometimes.


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