Saturday, July 2, 2016

saturday ...

today i discovered that there is a farmer's & flea market in the plaza down the street
 i can't wait until next saturday
remember the house i shared [here] that i really loved? the next three photos of flowers are from that yard.  and while you cannot see it in the original picture of the house, (and i could not get a good picture of it this afternoon because of the setting sun blinding the camera) but to the left of the house these flowers are a 6ft by 50+/-ft by 3ft tall "fence" between the house and the neighbors.  it is a beautiful fence, of purples and white.  i would like to imagine that it was planted by a devoted husband so that his wife could look out from all the rooms on that side of the house and see all the flowers. i do not know what they are, but would like to because maybe one day i will plant my own flower fence

  below is a different house, one up and across from the other.  i love this house for several reasons. the first being the front porch.  i love covered porches. the other is the ivy or whatever climbing plant that is on the side of the house. it would be even better if it turns out to be a late summer flowering vine. finally, i love the old rusty iron fence around the yard because i'm sure it was put up sometime in the early part of the 20th century, and i like to imagine that it stood at a time when cars were not popular in this area, but horse and buggies were, with thick buffalo plaid blankets and fur lined muffs to put their hands in during the winter.
 my hollyhocks have not yet bloomed.  these deep purple almost black ones were in front of the catholic church on my walk this afternoon. (i just realized my reflection is in the window behind them and i'm grateful you can't see more of me)
 i just love them and think that when they go to seed i might have to get some seeds.
 these were also in front of the church, as are the last flowers

i may walk this way more often.
tomorrow i hope to get some pictures of wildflowers on my drive about
there is always always always something to look forward to.


  1. I don't know flowers (except my beloved peony) but maybe those are primose or morning glory? Definitely beautiful!


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