Tuesday, July 12, 2016

losing track of days ...

last week while driving David and i saw a doe and her freckled fawn.  the fawn was tall with ears that it would have to grow into, but a late baby since most fawns are born in May and have lost their spots by now. naturally, i didn't have any cameras with me, and now since i've started carrying a camera all the time, i haven't seen them again. go figure.

this is the house i wrote about last week with the "fence" of flowers
 a rainy sunday afternoon brought the circus to town. i no longer go to them because i dislike their abuse of animals.  i did not see any elephants at this one, but one lone miniature pony and the paper showed that they had at least one tiger. i would like one day for all circuses to follow the lead of Cirque de Soleil.
 balloons that escaped during the parade on the 4th are still on the loose.  be on the lookout as they may have accomplices aiding and abetting.
 i loved this image. 
in the shadow of the ancients, the old and young rest forever.
 while driving through the cemetery, i caught a glimpse of bright red and stopped to see this beautiful barn. i love that there still is an old barn door not yet painted.
 there are no words for this other than a deep sense of respect and gratefulness

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