Monday, July 25, 2016

first the flowers ...

i had an appointment in town this afternoon and noticed that the small park that had all the spring flowers a few months ago now had some new summer flowers to swoon over. i really wish they would put small markers for each of them telling the names of them.
the ruffles on this made me think of a grandmother's nightgown with a ruffled neck.
this one ... of a Southern debutant's ball gown at a pre-Civil War, Gone With the Wind type of dance 

no idea at all what this one is, but love it. looked the color of a dandelion but wasn't
it has been very hot here, and the only happy hostas were the ones in the shade of a tree.

this one, another ball gown

i love the layered petals on this one
tomorrow, some "uncurated" flowers growing wild out and about, and the following day houses and buildings. i've started to wonder if people think i'm a stalker as i slow down and take pictures of houses.


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