Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July parade & fireworks ...

the parade kicked off with a fly-by
 locals had set up lawn chairs on the street the night before to save front row seats

 this is the local high school band ~ less than 100 of them
much different from the 300+ band members where we went to school in Florida and Alabama

 even Elvis made an appearance
 along with many old tractors
 stilt walkers, unicycles, and a juggler
 firetrucks ~ old and new
 a fife and drum corp

 while not on their sign, i think this was a local society of creative anachronism group
 "why just read about history when you can relive it"
 (and this made me laugh ...) "come experience the current middle ages"
  a steam engine


  1. I am a little bit envious! It looks wonderful. We didn't do much, as we had just driven home from Houston after picking the kid up from a summer studies camp. My husband isn't much of a crowd person, but I'd want to be there. I like the feel I see in your pictures. Hometowny? Innocent? Comfy? Don't know, exactly, but I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. very small and hometowny. there was one float carrying about 30 members of the Maki family, a very large family name here. another high school band of 30ish members. two church bands. several politicians giving out candy bribes to future voters. even tho i had not put a chair out the night before, i was still able to get a front row spot, something that would never have happened back in Florida at the Christmas parade. my neighbor was pointing out people she had grown up with, and gone to school with. many of the families here live in the homes that their great-grandparents built, and there are streets named just for the families that first lived there.


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