Saturday, June 11, 2016

want ... in 5

we had a fierce thunderstorm yesterday. 
this bumblebee just wanted to be left alone to dry out its wings.  
i gave him his space.
 my peonies were pretty beaten down by the rain, but they stubbornly bloomed anyway.
 i realized this morning that i have a lot in common with them.
i've been getting in the way of God because i keep telling him what i want
as if He is here to serve me
the blinders i've been wearing to focus on what i want
have kept me from seeing the things that God wants to give me
the things that i need
it is hard to let go when you are scared of the unknown
and it is easy to forget that for Him, there is no unknown
i want to believe that my tangible wants are the same things as what i need
but i've grown enough in Christ to know that they aren't the same
trusting when the answer is no is having faith in a future yes
and i want so very much to receive His yes.

i'm joining today, a little late, with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday bloggers.


  1. So much beauty in one post! First off... those peonies! Gorgeous! And secondly, this: "for Him, there is no unknown" <-- doesn't that just bring so much trust and peace to the surface? I love that truth... and often times, I NEED to remember it, too!

  2. I was a touch late with my post too... seeing God more and our own stuff less... that's a good thing eh? Helps us to actually SEE MORE. :) #83 at FMF


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