Sunday, June 12, 2016

sunday ...

i cannot get enough of these peonies. 
 this is the small flower garden by the front door.  it looks like i'll have hollyhocks blooming soon.  i absolutely love them as well.  they just have an antique elegance about them.
 i finally cut this one blossom because it just kept getting bigger and bigger, as if it was an exploding blossom of cotton candy.  and the scent ... divine!
yes, i'm regrowing my green onions, and also a potato, just because.  the burgundy teapot has a lily-of-the-valley bulb in it but i'm not certain if it will bloom or not this year.   it doesn't seem to be growing at all, but we had a long winter. 
 this is Aragorn's garden of cat grass and catnip.  as you can see, he has already started mangling the grass.  the catnip is just starting to come up, and i'm hoping he will give it a chance to get larger.
last night he kept running from window to window around the house looking at something in the dark outside.  i never did see what it was, but this morning i noticed that one of the back wild gardens had been flattened in two spots, one larger than the other, so i suspect a doe and her fawn might have been grazing on the wildness and napping in the safety of the yard.  
 i've been scattering flower seeds in both gardens and alongside the house.  i doubt very much that we will be here next spring to see them blossom.  i scattered morning glory seeds in with the raspberry bushes so they will have something to cling to, and two envelopes of bee and butterfly wildflowers in another area.  i put the globe thistle seeds all along the southern wall of the house where the living room and kitchen windows are.  just because.  if we were for sure going to stay another year here, i would consider putting in some fast-growing bushes or trees on the west side of the house in front of the porch and bedroom windows to give some afternoon shade to the house.  with the afternoon sun, those rooms can be 20-30 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.
and i've become a little obsessed with painting rocks lately.  but hey, i bought the acrylic paints on clearance for $2, the acrylic spray sealer on clearance for $3, and a jar of fine white glitter for $1.
$6 beats the cost of a session with a shrink for stress relief, doncha think?

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  1. Momma grew peonies when I was growing up. They hold a special place in my heart. I hope that wherever your travels take you to, you have a chance to continue to enjoy this exquisite flower. The UP seems to suit you in many ways - I know I am partial to Michigan. But all the beauty that you find there - seems like you belong.

    P.S. Thanks for the Harry Potter pin! We've had to move our Yule Ball to a smaller location and may just be able to do this. Yay!


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