Sunday, June 5, 2016

sunday ...

a drive out to Thursh Lake to do battle with the mosquitoes.
 tadpoles.  monster tadpoles!

 rain in the distance, and a rainbow from setting sun

 thrush lake
(above) canadian bunchberries (cornus canadensis)
(below) broadleaf starflower (trientalis latifolia).  i only saw one where we were and had trouble getting the camera to focus so this was the best picture.  (i was under a massive assault by the mosquitoes and could only risk exposure for a few minutes before i was at risk of severe blood loss.)

 this is a western painted box turtle (chrysemys picta bellii) that was (a little lost) on the side of the road, most likely burying eggs since this is the season.  i wish they would make their egg burrows a little farther away from the edge of the road because they wind up getting run over.
 (below) we saw this flag at the top of this massive rock hill (mini mountain?) and could not figure out how it got there.  we'd not seen it before, and as far as i know there are no roads up to the top.

 lupine in bloom, and a doe stopping to snack.  she let us get surprisingly close, and i wonder if they know it isn't hunting season

 this sweet girl is one of our neighbor's dogs.  her name is jezebel, and she is as big as a small horse.  another heinz 57 premium blend, she has some st. bernard, akita, bloodhound, and german shepherd blends in her.  she was friends with Trooper.

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