Tuesday, June 21, 2016

summer ... day 2

i was going to try something different and post a vlog.  a video blog post.  i was trying to capture the senses and feelings of today.  i wanted to tell you to close your eyes and just listen to the wind in the trees and grass.  imagine the scent of cut grass, hay and flowers.  hear the sound of the birds in the trees.  so i recorded about three and a half minutes in the back yard as i tried to describe the smells and sounds of a comfortable, breezy late afternoon in the UP.

the field across the street

but my camera either recorded my attempt at a soft voice (because i don't really care for the sound of my recorded voice.  it sounds much different inside my head) as a yell, or the wind blew my words away so my sentences were broken up and didn't make sense because all you could hear was the howling of what sounded like a tornado.  about mid-way through i also realized that my apparently allergy sensitive sinuses had sprung a leak, and i had blood running down my face.

that just seems to be how things go lately.

so you get these instead, and you'll just have to pretend the wind is gently blowing your hair in your face, and the robins, chickadees, and goldfinches are b*tching at me to put out more feeders, the ravens are gossiping about something, and the scent in the air is of cut hay, grass, trefoil, and clovers.  you can almost smell the daisies and lupine, and it really isn't the funky smell of the dog that just poo'd across the street.
 baby pear
 purple chive flowers
 somethingberry ~ either rasp or black
 baby apples
 said dog 
who is really a sweetheart and i had to give him a scratch behind the ears because, well, i miss Annie and Trooper, and he was recently adopted from the pound so i know he is really grateful and then he fell down the stairs into the basement and broke his leg, but he seems to be doing okay, and i just really miss having a dog
scratch my belly

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