Friday, June 3, 2016

pleasant surprises ...

i had a dentist appointment in downtown Ironwood today.  (not part of the pleasant surprises) and saw this small park on a corner in town.  last time i had seen this park, it was covered in snow and lit up for the holidays.

 i love how white lilac looks like ruffles on a little girl's dress
the pink flowers are bloody cranesbill (geranium sanguineum), and the yellow are below.  the white ones i think are called candytufts but i'm still looking.
 cushion spurge/chrome spurge (euphorbia polychroma)
 wind poppy (papaver) ~ i first saw just the fuzzy buds and thought they were odd, but then i saw the poppy they would open to and just fell in love with them.  sooo beautiful!
 another variety of wild onions, these were actually pretty large, about the size of a baseball 
 these bearded iris (iris germanica) were beautiful just because they looked like antique book pages
 common spiderwort (tradescantia virginiana)
 this columbine (aquilegia species) reminded me of a nice smooth pinot noir
 wild chive (allium species)
greater periwinkle (vinca major)

not pictured were buttercups (ranunculus acris), spreading fleabane (erigeron divergens)
i have another appointment in the morning, so will probably get better pictures of them and the candytufts.

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  1. I am glad that you clarified that the dentist wasn't part of the pleasant surprise. They are scary places. Scary and expensive places.
    Love the park though.


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