Saturday, June 4, 2016

out and about ...

first off ... scraggle survived the night, and it appears that mom & dad are feeding it.
 it was a chilly and overcast day, with rain occasionally.  we went out regardless and found a few new lakes to fish.  today, however, was not the day for fishing because the mosquitoes were on the warpath.  i really need to find us some netting to go over hats because the bug off that we used seemed to make them think we had slathered hollandaise sauce all over us.
i've decided that i'm going to re-do all my flower pictures with the names on the picture and then print them for a small book i can carry with me in the woods.
 above and below are pictures of false lily-of-the-vally (maianthemum dilatatum)
below:  bluebead (clintonia borealis) ~ so named because the flowers produce a bright blue fruit

 the next three pictures are of an endangered flower that i was so excited to find, i did a bit of a happy dance in the woods (no flowers or plants were harmed in my happy dance!) 

 pink lady slipper orchid (cypripedium acaule)

 below:  jack-in-the-pulpit/indian turnip (arisaema triphyllum) i also did a happy dance for them because i'd never seen one before other than pictures in a book
  below:  buckhorn/english plantain (plantago lanceolata)
 below:  choke cherry blossoms
 wild swans on the lake
 one of eight lakes we found today
 below is a granite (?) hill near the house, and a huge field of lupines blooming in purple, white and pink 
and finally ...
Trooper is home again, and with Oreo

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  1. I am so very glad that Scraggle (great name) survived. Thank you.


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