Wednesday, June 1, 2016

hello june ...

 lupines are in bloom
these two pictures are from a hill in the neighbor's yard that is much more colorful than the pictures show.  bright green ferns, baby blue forget-me-nots, pink dame's rockets, and purple lupine.  it would be easier to see if there wasn't so much wild grass growing, but on that steep of a hill it would be almost impossible to mow or weed eat without also taking out the flowers.
 (below) dame's rockets (hesperis matronalis)
(below) nodding onion getting ready to bloom

these tiny flowers are red sandspurry (Spergularia rubra)
(below) the rhubarb continues to work on the bloom & seeds
the little ones are getting bigger.  there were four eggs originally, but i only see three fat little beaks.  not sure if one died and was removed by the parents, or if the siblings are smooshing it.

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