Tuesday, June 7, 2016

better early than late ...

got all dressed up today for a job interview.  even put on a dress and a face.  i was ready!
i was a week early.

came home and started painting some rocks.  mom keeps asking me about what crafty project i'm working on as a stress reliever, so now i can tell her that i've been painting rocks.
these will be in a future rainbow bridge kind of mini memorial garden whenever we get a house of our own.
cali was a calico cat if you couldn't guess by her colors.  i'm not sure if i want to make a stone for everyone because it could turn into a bigger garden than i want, but i'll have to see.  tink was a pug, trooper's first love.  
 started this large one ... the color scheme and arrow is for the FSU Seminoles ~ David's only favorite college football team

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