Saturday, June 25, 2016


i learn more about this sweet cat every day, and each time i realize how much his previous person missed out on.
i was told that even after a year he didn't like to be held, which is actually quite opposite of the truth.
after six months of being with us, he often comes up to me, expecting to be picked up and held, with his head and chin scratched, and his back and shoulders massaged.
he also chases his tail, rolling circles on the floor in cat aerobatics that only they can do.
he is mellow, recently walking up to a bulldog he had never met before and sniffing noses in hello, with no animosity and no fear.
he likes to have his belly rubbed, often demanding it, and will wake me in the middle of the night to get some snuggles before leaning against my leg to sleep.
i suspect he feels it is his responsibility to take the place of Trooper.
i read at times about dogs and cats who have been adopted out of a shelter.  rescued.  sometimes returned after just a few days or weeks because they "didn't fit."
give them more of a chance.
it isn't just you that is having to adjust to a new pet.
they also have to adjust to a new home and new people.
give them more of a chance.

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  1. Our Jewel came to us after being returned to the shelter after her first adoption. Her crime? She cried for attention when her new 'owners' came home after being at work all day and leaving her locked in the flat on her own. She is happy here, and we are happy with her. Very happy.


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