Friday, June 3, 2016

an exciting day ...

the visit to the dentist's office doesn't count, however, i had the best hygienist that i've ever had.  painless, thorough, and had some great dental care tips.  most i'd already been doing, but some new ones i'll start.  now on to the fun stuff ...

as i arrived for my appointment, there was a sign announcing that the volunteer master gardeners were working there today, and sure enough, there were about five women up to their wrists in the dirt, weeding, and planting.  i asked about these flowers and was right about them being candytufts (iberis)
 these are the spreading fleabane (erigeron divergens), and the buttercup was nowhere to be found so perhaps it was weeded out
 another shot of the poppy as it opened more.  i really love how beautiful they are.
 more of the columbine, these are pink and white, and there are some solid white ones in the far left.
 a bunch of beautiful purple bearded irises
 lily of the valley (convallaria majalis).  i've always had trouble getting white flowers to capture well on the phone camera.  they look like they are glowing
 below are canada anemones (anemone canadensis)
 now the really exciting stuff ... i peeked into the robin's nest when i got back and was surprised that they had all flown the coop.  the bugs mom and dad fed them must have had some kind of miracle grow in them!  the first egg hatched on 20 may!.
 as i was walking back to the house from a different direction than when i walked out, i happened to see one of the babies trapped in the garden wire roll.  at first, i thought it was dead, and when i moved the wire roll it opened its beak and blinked at me!  which is why there aren't any pictures of it trapped.  i dropped my phone and was trying to get it free while yelling at david to bring wire cutters.  it took about 10 minutes to cut it free.  i have no idea how long it had been trapped, and i'm sure that if i hadn't seen it when i did, it probably would have died during the night.  mom dive bombed me a few times before david came out, screaming frantically.
 here it is freed from the wire.  i tried to straighten out its wing feathers but didn't want to really freak it out any more than what it was.  mom and dad were silently watching from the apple tree.

 i set it in an empty hanging planter that i had hung in the apple tree hoping another bird would nest in it.  mom and dad will be able to find it there and feed it.  hopefully, the wings aren't damaged, just ruffled, and that it will learn to fly.
i think that is enough excitement for one day


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