Tuesday, May 17, 2016

tuesday at the lake ...

loon at Black River Harbor entrance to Lake Superior
kayakers on Lake Superior
crayfish claw on rocks
i picked up a piece of driftwood and there was a ladybug on the bottom side of it
i kept her in the sun and eventually she warmed up enough to fly away
(MHP ~ i found a unique piece of driftwood that would have been a perfect wand for any HP themed baby showers, and was going to send it to you.  but it broke and i was heartbroken!  now that i've seen one tho, i will look for more!)

today's finds ... there were some beach glass and two rocks that looked like they had geodes exposed on them.  i'm planning a trip to the rock shop soon.  today i was looking specifically for white stones but grabbed whatever unique ones we saw.  so many of the painted rock projects i've added to my Pinterest board start with painting the rocks completely, but i really don't want to do that.  i want the natural beauty of the stones to still show so that whatever i paint on them is just an accent  (the dragonfly on the right was not a find ~ it is the last cast iron one i have left from a past decorating project)
blossoms on the pear tree
forget-me-nots ... i love their tiny blue, pink and lavender flowers!
i found some new white wildflowers, but will wait to post a picture when i've got a real name for them (other than white bell-shaped wildflowers with toothed leaves because there are only a gazillion different variations of that) i'm finding that flower identification is difficult at times.  the flowers might match a picture, but the leaves are different.  or the leaves match, but the flowers are different.  i'm beginning to consider getting a more comprehensive identification book, and have started to create my own little sketchbook of some that i've found that will easily fit in my pocket, purse or backpack.

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  1. Love your finds.
    We call ladybugs, ladybirds. And I always welcome them.


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