Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday surprises ...

 i discovered pink bell-shaped flowers coming out of the two long grass-like clumps by the front door.  whenever i find a new flower that i've not seen before, i first reach for the wildflowers of north America book that my aunt sent me last year.  if it isn't in there, i then hit the internet for a search of flowers, which can be time-consuming since i not only try to match blooms, but also the leaves.  just when i think i've found a match, i'll realize that the leaves are different.  so far, all i've been able to find is that everyone else also calls them pink bell-shaped flowers.  (  so the search for the real name will continue.
 most of the wild blue violets have faded away, but these few are on the side of the house that doesn't get full sun, so they might last a little longer.  violets ~ wild or African ~ always make me think of my grandmothers.  i didn't see them very often because of the transient military life i grew up in, so i'm not sure why i associate them.
 this was a surprise that i would never have seen if i hadn't startled mom when i went to look at the apple tree buds.  it is in a roll of fencing behind the shed in the back yard.
i love the turquoise blue of robin eggs.  since this nest is in a tight spot compared to the one that was on the front stairs of our last house, i probably won't take as many pictures of it because i really don't want to traumatize mom or the babies
i've recently seen some robin's nest shelters on Pinterest, like [this one on Duncraft]
but i really like the idea of upcycling some found objects instead,
old mailboxes
empty coffee cans
i can't wait to have a backyard of our own to really create a bird sanctuary!

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  1. Those eggs are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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