Sunday, May 1, 2016

sunday drive ...

first, this ... in the distance you hear the call, and then you hear the response

at first, all i heard was the response, which was a little loud and frightening since i didn't know where it was coming from.
but then i saw his red head over the sign.  i tried to get closer but he flew off.
 Jackson Creek

i love finding new flowers i've never seen before!
these are called [Trout Lilies or Dogtooth Violets]
fascinating factoid:  it can take eight years for a plant to mature and produce one short-lived bloom!

these beautiful white flowers are called [Bloodroots]
(which is actually a little relief to learn because i was looking all over my hands to figure out where i had cut myself!)
the "window" for these two flowers to bloom is just from March to May, and since we still had snow on the ground thru mid-April, this was probably the only weekend i could have gotten a chance to see them!
i'm so used to seeing daffodils as a planned garden flower that it still amazes me to see them growing wild in the woods!
Canadian Geese at Sunday Lake


  1. Wish I could apparate there. I see a firepit, a setting sun, a nice glass of wine, good conversation....


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