Sunday, May 1, 2016

still spring ...

in some parts of the country, 
the heat of summer is creeping up the temperature gauges
in others, it is the start of late fall
 here, spring is really just starting
today while walking Trooper
(to be honest, i was bargaining to get him to listen to me ~
with the lack of snow and the warmer weather, he sees no reason to listen to me)
i found these bright signs of spring
 tiny grape hyacinth
white grape hyacinth
(did not even know there was such a flower!)
 these i have just discovered are soon to be peonies!
i'm excited!
buds are beginning to form on the pear and apple trees
(excited to see what the pear blooms look like!)
and the raspberry bushes are also beginning to bud
i'm not sure what the green clumps here are,
they did not bloom when the crocus did, so perhaps they bloom later
i had seen little purple petals in the grass, and thought at first they were the crocus petals
but they've turned out to be tiny wild blue violets
i also just recently found a recipe for violet jelly made from the blooms
(who knew!?!?!)
but think that i would need to use new blooms and these are about a week old


  1. Woo Hoo.
    And here on this side of the world I have some spring blooms out. Which is weird.

  2. You find beauty everywhere. Thank you for making me smile. Today they've been in short supply.


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