Friday, May 6, 2016

in five ... miss


i miss the weight of his body on mine as i slept that made both of us feel loved, safe, and as if we were one.

i miss his eyes looking in mine, reaching my heart and soul just as i saw in his.

i miss his cold nose nudges in my armpit telling me to stop worrying and take him for a walk to let all my fears and stress float away.

i miss hearing him whisper in his inside voice for his favorite treat as he quickly ran through all the tricks he knew.

i miss racing him to the front door when i called "last one there is a rotten egg."

he always won.

i miss watching him chase crabs in the bay and run on the beach.

i miss his gentle paw on my arm, his soft kiss on my hand, and how he leaned into me when i cried.

oh, how i need to feel him now.

i miss the way he cocked his head when i asked if he wanted to go for a ride to daycare or the dog park.

i miss his excited happy dance when i grabbed the car keys AND his leash.

i miss him

i miss him

i miss him

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  1. It's so hard to lose a pet. Sending you hugs. I'm your neighbor at Five Minute Friday this week.

  2. You have my prayers and hugs. As you will always have his love right there next to you in your heart.

  3. Prayers and hugs from here, too, Cindi. They leave a hole that nothing can fill.

    #2 at FMF this week


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