Saturday, May 14, 2016

grow ... in five


i want to grow my book sales,
but it takes money to advertise
word of mouth
has just been whispers lately

i want to finish my next memoir
watching the words grow on the screen
but some of my testimony
of how God saved our lives
redeemed my husband
restored our marriage
is still painful to revisit

we've grown past it all
grown closer
grown to be more than just
husband and wife
even more than best friends
but i wouldn't know what to call it
soul mates seem so new age
and i feel our souls are so old
the journey to this point was hard
but worth it, so very worth it

i want to finish my next novel
feeling the story grow in my mind
fingers itching to be let loose on the keys
characters growing, moving, changing
but i feel that our testimony is so much more

God changed my life
before and after i came to believe
the seed was planted
and it was with His love
His sacrifice
His forgiveness
that i've grown

grateful isn't a big enough word

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  1. I know what you mean about growing the readership. Everything takes money. ugh!


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