Thursday, May 26, 2016

garden surprises ...

we moved into this rental house in December, after the first light snow.  the grass and garden areas were beginning to die back, and so i had no idea what might have been planted in the past.

this is the small garden by the front door.  when we moved in, i didn't even realize that there would be flowers coming up at all, so i was pleasantly surprised when crocus popped up shortly after the snow started to melt in late March, and again when the pink bells started to bloom this month.  
i've never seen peonies other than photos, and so was excited to learn that they were also going to be blooming soon.  more surprises are coming... the leaves in the lower right corner of the picture are familiar, but i'm not sure of the flower and have also seen what looks like a berry bush of some sort coming up.
 in the picture below of a marked garden area in the backyard, i had already discovered black mustard.  when David started to weed-eat it yesterday, he was hit with the unmistakable scent of onions, and so we have decided to leave it overgrown since i found several areas of green onions growing.  there are leaves hidden in the grass that appear to be other 'planned' vegetables, so we will wait to see what comes up.  when the rains stop this weekend, i will get out for some much-needed weeding and sorting.
the picture below shows blooms forming on what i was told was an old apple tree that they had cut down and were hoping would regrow.  something is growing from the stump but it isn't an apple tree.  hopefully, they will bloom this weekend and i will see what they are.  they almost look like an azalea type of bloom
the aster family daisies below start blooming at solid white, the longer they live, the more pink they get on the edges of the flower.  i love the look ~ almost like they've been dipped in dye, or like carnations can be dyed by putting food coloring in the water.


  1. In my childhood home mom kept a garden all along one side of the fence of our yard. We had a corner lot so we had a lot of space. The crowning glory, at least in my opinion, was the peony bush. I still don't think I've ever found a more beautiful flower. I will say that for some reason they seem to attract ants, I'm thinking they may have been a sticky flower, least in the budding stage. Just so you know. Enjoy, and pictures, please. :-)

    1. yes, i've seen a few ants and wasps on the buds, and none of them were happy when i knocked them off.
      i had a few packets of (bee happy pollinator) mixed wildflower and morning glory seeds that i randomly tossed into the larger gardens. the morning glories in with the patch that seems to be mostly raspberry bushes so they will have something to cling to.
      even if we aren't here to see them bloom later this summer or next spring, they will be a nice surprise for the next family that lives here.


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