Tuesday, May 24, 2016

busy-ness ...

early Sunday morning we drove to Marquette, to meet a new friend for church and then a music jam

on the drive home we stopped in to visit some friends, and in the process, met some new ones...
 these two adorable baby goats were orphaned earlier this year, but are thriving with their people mamas

these were some adorable baby rabbits born just last week.  i loved this little bitty baby bunny tail when one of them crawled under my sleeve to stay out of the wind

the ducks were so sweet.  the one above is named Pom, but i thought she looked more like a Mozartina.  the one below is a cayunga duck and if the sun had been at a different angle, you would have seen her gorgeous green head and purple wings.  i loved her freckles and how she could strike a pose for the camera
a mix of duck and chicken eggs for breakfast!

dandilion & forget-me-nots 
my lilac is blooming and i love love love the scent!
surprise!  i thought this was going to be giant kale and couldn't wait to see the baby's breath like flowers but instead it is rhubarb!  i hope we are here long enough for me to harvest and can
black mustard
all the babies have hatched!


  1. Spring is beautiful when it finally gets there, isn't it? Absolutely gorgeous! It's so funny - when my daughter was little my husband used to take her to the city park after school to feed the ducks. He ended up naming one of them Mozart. Go figure!

    1. too funny on the Mozart. i'll have to find out the breed of that duck. it was really cute watching it waddle back to the nest.

    2. Yes,our Mozart had that same feature on its head.

  2. Yay on the writing front.
    And yay for beauty. Lots and lots of beauty. Thank you.

    1. Yes, lots and lots of spring and summer beauty. So glad that the snow is gone!!!

    2. Yes, lots and lots of spring and summer beauty. So glad that the snow is gone!!!


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