Thursday, April 21, 2016

ladybug lives ...

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how many lives do you suppose a ladybug has?

before we left our previous rental, i swept all of the ladybugs that were wintering in a corner of the living room into a mason jar and brought them to our new house.  there were quite a few of them.  i opened the jar at our new house, and just let them go about their ladybug business.  the majority of them made their way upstairs, and i would see them occasionally clustered in the sun-facing windows.
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one of them, however, has stayed downstairs in the kitchen.  at least four times a week, i have to fish her out of the dirty dishes water and place her on one of the plants away from the sink.

tonight, she was lucky i didn't cook her as i was running hot water and just happened to see her before she swirled into the drain, laying on her back with all six of her legs frantically waving at me.

i don't know.  maybe she has an adventurous soul.

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