Friday, April 22, 2016

friday ...

it has been a week of fluctuating temperatures ... one day in the low 70's and the next in the high 40's.
welcome to the upper peninsula

it has been a while since i did my friday countdown of the blessings we've had, and i think it is probably about time i start getting back into that groove.  occasionally i've done the five minute friday blog-a-thon, but this week's prompt word was "unite," and i just couldn't get it all together.

(yes, that was a play on words and feel free to roll your eyes)

here are the things that made me smile this past week ...
  • listening to David play acoustic guitar along with classic country songs by Johnny Cash, The Oak Ridge Boys, George Strait, and more.  i just love listening to him play.
  • aragorn waking me for a middle of the night snuggle session ... he walks to my side of the bed and stands on his hind paws to poke me with one of his front paws to wake me.  then he climbs under the covers so i can pet him and whisper what a sweet brat he is.  he will grab one of my hands with his paws, pulling it closer to give me kisses, and roll over on his back so i can give him a belly rub.  yes.  he is quite spoiled.  but then again, so am i.
  • hunting for rocks on Lake Superior beach.
  • finding an old hummingbird nest
  • purple crocus blossoms
  • job interviews (woot woot)
  • trooper's excitement at seeing us when we get home from anywhere, even just taking out the trash.
  • finally getting the brakes fixed on the car and not hearing metal grind on metal
  • freebies coming in the mail ~ it's like Christmas in April!

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