Tuesday, April 5, 2016

crafty ...

so ... it's April.  and it's snowing.  again.
actually, maybe even blizzard-ish.
i'm ready for spring.
really ready.
i've been working on a craft that i'd seen somewhere
probably Pinterest.
the first part of it was decorating a white ceramic mug with Sharpie pens
then baking (350° for 30 minutes, let cool in the oven) to set the ink.
these were my first runs
coffee mugs for my sister and mom

yesterday, i worked on these
bird feeder cup & saucers.  i was thinking of adding a hook to hang from a tree
but think instead i will try to find a post to mount them on so i can put them just outside my window

come on spring
i'm so ready

1 comment:

  1. Love your mugs.
    Spring is a chronic flirt, but she will come. Really she will.


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