Friday, March 4, 2016

words ...

i'm playing today in a blog meme from [elephant's child] in australia.  for her, they are words for wednesday, which for me is usually tuesday ... or something like that.  i can't even get the one hour difference between eastern and central time zones straight if i'm driving to an appointment in one or the other ... whichever way, i'm always an hour early ... which i suppose is better than being an hour late.

the goal of the meme is to encourage us to write and be creative, and so i'm taking it a step further by incorporating the words into a dictionary story ... something i saw recently on the web which was utterly creative and a good block breaker ... to take the sentences given by the dictionary as an example of how to use a word, and putting them together to form a short story.

this week's words were seek, connect, enhance, energetic, instrument, and far.  i went to the merriam-webster online dictionary for sentences.

The company is looking to enhance its earnings potential.  They mounted an energetic campaign.  Connect the cable to the battery, an instrument designed to measure the Earth's atmosphere.  These new discoveries will allow us to see far into the past; you should seek medical help immediately if you experience any chest pain or shortness of breath.
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  1. What a fun take on the meme. And, just to confuse you further, it is very late Friday (almost Saturday) as I type this comment.

    1. oh now i don't know if i'm reading this on friday ... or is it sunday?


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