Tuesday, March 8, 2016

wednesday's words ...

i'm linking again this week with [Elephant's Child: Words For Wednesday]
except there are no words, just this image from which our creative minds can put words to
and once again, i am caught in the time warp between the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
and Australia, since it is still Tuesday here, and probably Thursday there
or some such confusion
image source: Margaret at [Birding for Pleasure]
she looked out the window at the white line along the edge of the road
speeding past the car as she felt the racing green Austin Healy accelerate
she closed her eyes, resting her head back on the soft headrest 
she couldn't think of anywhere else she would want to be

the car had been her father's pet project
he had rebuilt it from a rusty heap that he had spotted one afternoon
in the corner of a junk yard, covered with mud, headlights broken 
the leather convertible top and seats had been rotted by the sun
there had even been weeds growing up from the floorboards

her mother had been furious when the tow truck had unloaded it in the front yard
but she had said nothing, knowing that it would have been pointless to argue over
their marriage was just an act by then, both of them in starring roles
nightly dinner theater performances for the benefit of their children

over the next year her father had spent weekends and evenings
meticulously sanding, filling, painting, and performing magic on the car
the rotted leather top and seats had been replaced with new tan leather
carefully hand sewn by friends of his at a local shop 
that made bright colored jibs and sails for the boats that caught the Gulf of Mexico winds
racing across the bay on Sunday afternoons
the dash and steering wheel he had carved himself from teak wood, 
puzzle pieced together for a perfect fit, sanded and oiled 
until the wood seemed to glow with a mystical iridescence

this was the car's maiden drive
and her father had asked her to join him for the occasion
driving along the coast, the sun beginning its dip towards the water
neither one of them spoke
listening to the purr of the engine, the wind in her hair
the sound of the tires as they kissed the blacktop of the road

she knew it could be the last time she saw him
she wanted to keep the memory of this drive alive in her heart
as they drove, closer and closer to the setting sun
she wanted more than anything to hear his voice once more
telling her that he loved her
she turned her head, telling him that she loved him
she strained to hear his voice as the sound of the cicadas grew louder and louder

reluctantly, she reached over and turned off her alarm clock
sighing as she opened her eyes
the nights were never long enough
loss still clutched her heart


  1. This is beautiful. Evocative, sad and beautiful.

  2. Outstanding. The detail is remarkable and the story pulled me in. Well done.

  3. I was riding along in that car, right there with her, then the sudden sad ending held my breath for a moment.


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