Friday, March 18, 2016

true confessions of a *a-holic ...

first ... i must confess that i'm the type of person who goes to a party, sits on the floor and makes friends with the dog or cat.  always have been.  always will be.  just who i am.  if that makes you uncomfortable, don't invite me over.

and ... i love ladybugs, so for all those yoopers who complain that they stink when squished and pinch when caught ... probably don't want to ever come visit me because i don't squish them.  i brought all the hibernating ladybugs from the old house we rented in Ewen to the new house we're renting.  so there.  they make my house plants happy by keeping the soil bugs, cluster flies, and aphids under control.  and make me happy when i see them crawl across my monitor now that it is starting to warm up outside.  happy happy happy.

... i love getting mail.  i'm a mail-a-holic.  seriously.  as soon as i learned to read and write, i was filling out postcards from my dad's magazines and mailing them off for freebies.  i was caught when a key chain from prudential life insurance arrived with a "piece of the rock" in it.  as i got older i got pen pals, then would send out newsletters, birthday cards, and for many years, almost 200 Christmas cards on December 1st, having spent Thanksgiving weekend writing in the cards and addressing them by hand (back in the day when postage was less than $0.30!)  now, however, my card lists are shorter, newsletters gave way to blogging and facebook, and i now have email pals.

but recently, i developed another addiction ... to freebie samples by mail.!  it is like Christmas every day the mail comes!  i've decided that i will start giving a critique on some of the samples that i receive ~ an honest opinion, not one that is paid for by the company.

Lettering Delights
Naughty Biscotti Font Sample
there has only been one affiliate link ever on my blogs, and that was for [Lettering Delights] because i love their fun fonts.  (and i've never gotten any money from them, so no idea if anyone has ever clicked thru, but i still love the fun of them) otherwise, i've never really wanted to get any affiliate links because they always seem to be a distraction on other blogs i've visited.  i like readers who will focus on my words, not the bright, shiny, blinking lights on the sidebars.

some of the samples have been a disappointment ... like the beta blend coffee beans from [blue bottle coffee].  or.anything.else.  i'm hoping they will send me a sample of another of their beans so i can give them a positive shout out and not a wash-my-mouth-with-soap shout out.  {an update:  i reached out to the company and asked for another sample, and they will be sending one out soon.  their beta blend is a mix of candied orange, white chocolate, and peach ~ which i'm not sure how they do that with coffee beans, but i'm not a fan of peaches, so i'm sure that is why i didn't like it.  i'm hopeful that the replacement sample is more to my liking, but whether or not it is, i'm very pleased and impressed with their customer service.  two thumbs up and a big toe!}

especially since one of the links i've followed for the samples also led me to getting [this] French press coffee pot for FREE! (well, i paid shipping, but jeepers!  A $120 savings?  for $8.50 shipping?!?!? oh yeah!)  [sign up here for another Amazon discount opportunity!]

one of the samples i have been really excited about is the [rest easy] sample i got from [Komega6].  i'm definitely planning on doing some shopping with them in the future!  both David and i have had positive results using the rest easy blend.  i love love love homeopathic oils, and treating my various complaints and ailments naturally rather than with poisons prescriptions.  i'm really looking forward to trying their recover blend to see how it works with my fibromyalgia and arthritis.

the other that i've been thrilled with were [Kind healthy snack bars].  yummmmmmmy!  they are now a must get for my winter car survival kit, my purse, my spring/summer/fall car survival kit, my desk drawer, my bedside table, yeah, pretty much everywhere!

so there it is.  true confessions.  for now.  and honest opinions.

expect more.


and honesty.

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