Thursday, March 3, 2016

thursday ...

if you've been wondering why i haven't been taking many photos of this area lately, it isn't because there is nothing to photograph.  ironwood and bessemer both have some fascinating and beautiful old houses, churches, and buildings.  i've been wanting to take pictures, but i will wait until the snow completely melts.
after three months snow gets pretty old and ugly.  figuratively and literally old and ugly.  brown.  dirty.  ugh.  we've had more snow than anchorage, alaska has this winter, which seems just so wrong.

so instead my photography habit has been fed with odds and ends.  like these.

first ... cookies.  peanut butter and chocolate chip.  kinda like peanut butter cup cookies.  not that i "need" any (and honestly, after i had to eat all the 'defective' ones today, it may be a few days before my sugar level drops enough to eat any more ... but you know, i had to 'take one for the team' and eat the ones that were broken or just looked wrong.  it's the least i can do for david, protect him from the bad ones) but it was his idea actually when he asked me late one night if we had any chocolate chips since he was craving cookies.

and oh ... by the way ... i wish i had known ages and ages ago about baking cookies on parchment paper.  so much easier!  i could have kept from ruining so many cookie sheets!

there was one batch of cookies that i sort of forgot to set the timer for, and they are crunchy and not as soft as the rest.  i've set them aside to be crushed and used for the bottom crust of a cheesecake at a future date ...

then there is [this] site ... love is the true black ... which is an interesting and inspiring new trend that prompted me to write this on my hand to share.  i was thinking of another blog that i read recently that asked what would you tell your future self?  young people were encouraged to write letters to their future selves, and on the flip side of that, older generations were asked what they would tell their younger selves.  overwhelmingly [the responses] from the older generation were all about love.  love more.  love wholeheartedly.

to this i would add love yourself first ... something i wish i had known and understood when i was much younger.  when we love ourselves first, we know not only how to love others, but how we should be loved.  we set the standard for how we want to be treated.  if i had learned to love myself first, i would have tolerated so much less when i was deeply mired in abusive relationships.  in fact, chances are, i probably would have been able to avoid those abusive relationships altogether.

finally ... this new project that i'm working on (with the 'help' of aragorn).  a macrame wall hanging i'm titling lake superior in which i will eventually incorporate some of the smoothed rocks and beach glass found on the beaches of lake superior.
and here is aragorn's contribution ....

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