Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the truth is, we are all masterpieces ...

earlier today i read Holley Gerth's blog post ["We're Not Messes or Mistakes - We're Works of Art"] as part of her "What's True About Us" series.

i was already drafting a blog post in my mind when i stumbled on this article in my Yahoo news feed ~ ["I told the truth..."] and i cried.

here is my truth ...

there was a time ... and if i'm really honest ... there were many times when i was growing up and as an adult, when i did not see my worth.  when i did not see my value, or my beauty, or my purpose.

there were times when i had "a plan." when i didn't believe anyone would miss me. when i believed the whispers in the darkness ... that i was unlovable, worthless, stupid and ugly.  when i believed the words that were shouted at me ... that i was a terrible wife, that i would never be a good mother, that i was a terrible cook, that i was disgustingly fat and that i would never be able to keep the house clean enough to be better than his mother.  there was a time when i felt lost, and the road was dark and lonely.

but the truth is that there were people that would have missed me.  the whispers were lies.  the shouts were someone else's insecurities and fears.  and that dark and lonely road?  i just needed to look for the light and ask for directions from someone who had been with me all along.

i am lovable.  i have worth.  i'm not stupid or ugly.  i have value and a purpose.  i am beautiful ~ with all my flaws, freckles, and 'fat,' ~ I AM BEAUTIFUL.

here is your truth ...

you are beautiful.  you have value and worth.  you are an intelligent and incredibly priceless person with a purpose.

you are here for a reason ... don't give up before you get the rainbow.


  1. Cindi,

    Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging others with your words...Keep shining and pointing to the Light in Christ :-)

  2. Thank you. I am glad you found your beauty.
    I am not there yet.


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