Saturday, March 26, 2016

alive ... in five


i read a quote recently, and am pretty sure i've heard it said in a movie. i don't know who said it first ... or last

everyone dies.  but not everyone lives.

six simple words that say a thousand.

what is a life lived?  what does it mean to really be alive?  is it just waking up each morning and putting one foot in front of the other?  going through the motions of living but never really feeling alive?  what makes us truly alive?  following our passions?  chasing our dreams?  reaching for the stars ... and catching them?

at the end of my days, when i draw that last breath, i want to feel i've lived a life and wasn't just 'alive'  and going through the motions.  i want to look back, look up, look into His eyes and know that i lived a life alive.

that i lived a life alive with passion, dreams, and that i changed the world, even if only my small corner of it.

what does your life alive look like?



  1. I decided quite some time ago I could have a life, or I could have an existence.
    Life costs more, hurts more, and is worth immeasurably more.

  2. Life is a God gift. It is a golden opportunity to meet with God till the end. After that God will decide he want us or not.

    Enjoy your life and do prayers daily.

    ~Dr. Diana

  3. Great quote! It's true that it's important to really live- to make the most of our lives and make them count for something. Visiting from FMF (#18)


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