Monday, March 14, 2016

a wandering we shall go...

Aragorn on his harness and leash
not really thrilled about it, but since the option is staying inside,
he'll deal with it
 this is just outside the front porch door, so i'm excited to see what will be coming up
the greenery looks like it could be snowdrops, or something spring-ish
and the raspberries!  woot woot!
a little chipmunk took off running as we moved forward,
and Aragorn got very excited to see it
i'm sure if he hadn't been leashed, the chipmunk would not have seen a full spring


  1. Are you going to keep Aragorn leashed every time he goes out?

  2. Oh yes. There are too many dogs and coyotes in the area, and too much trouble he can get into.


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