Wednesday, February 24, 2016

well-behaved women ...

... rarely make history

first, a disclaimer ... i have a twisted sense of humor that often sounds self-depreciating, but it really isn't.  i've just learned that if you can't laugh at yourself, you shouldn't be laughing at anyone else.  i've also learned that life is too short for it to be taken too seriously or to hold onto grudges or any negativity.  if by chance you've perused my pinterest boards, especially my garden board where evil little hellions are toting off a decapitated pink flamingo, you will see just how warped my humor can be at times ... which leads me to a second disclaimer ... dear potential employers ... my office humor is much more subdued and "business casual."

i get a catalog from an online shopping site called [Femail Creations]
and once upon a time she offered a bracelet that had those words engraved in it

i loved it, but never purchased it because at the time i didn't want my watch to compete for wrist space.  now, however, that i no longer wear a watch and keep time by where the sun is in the sky, i can't find the bracelet for sale anywhere.  i suppose i could if i really looked, but i'm leaning more towards a minimalist lifestyle, and so my jewelry seldom exceeds the most important items ... my wedding band and a pair of earrings.

at about the same time i was coveting the bracelet, i was also keeping track of positive and empowering quotes and sayings, tacking them to my walls and taping them into my day planner.  one of them, which i've since lost (except for in my mind ... unless i've already lost that as well) said something i've always thought was just as powerful

"Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.  It's much sexier than any body part."
~ Ritu Ghatourey ~

i'm linking today with Holley Gerth for Coffee for Your Heart and her Whats True About Us series
and something she said today in her post rang just as deeply to my soul

"We are dangerous women when we know deep down that we’re loved.  Because then we have the kind of courage that changes the world one heart at a time.
"We are significant threats when we understand that we have valuable gifts within us.  Because then we actually dare to offer them.
"We are wild warriors when we realize we are stronger and braver than we’ve yet to see.  Because then we stop cowering and start swinging our swords."
~ Holley Gerth ~

we should strive to be women who are loved, valuable, strong, brave, confident, history-makers
because we all are in one way or another

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