Sunday, February 28, 2016

sunday ...

yesterday was a glorious 50°F outside
snow and ice were melting
roads were muddy
i even took Aragorn out for an impromptu walk
on a makeshift collar and leash
(impromptu = no photos)

(he was happy, even considered making a giant leap into a snow bank ~ which i quickly discouraged him from attempting ~ but he soon realized that his toes were too cold to stay out long, and gratefully went back in the house to curl up with Trooper on the bed)

but with the night came the cold again
temperatures in the 20's
90% chance of snow
winds 20+ mph
more of the same for tomorrow
with a low monday night of a frigid 4°

i've been curled up here most of the day
reading and writing in my journal
getting lost in Pinterest
with my creative imagination going crazy with warm weather dreams

David has been playing his guitar along with a Foreigner concert on the television
i've been chair dancing and singing along at times

weekends are far too short at times...

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