Wednesday, February 10, 2016

snow'd in ...

it's wednesday night
it started snowing sunday
between then and now, we've gotten 20+ inches of snow
 trooper is there, behind the lilac bush, to the left of the power pole.
just on the right, if you look closely, you can see a little bit of red on the top of the snow
that's all you can see of the stop sign on the corner there
a stop sign that is as tall as i am short
 my car
my poor cold car
 the snow is now up to the bottom of our front windows
the one with the shade half up is where aragorn likes to sit and watch the world
i have the patio chairs and table in there, 
with a piece of faux leather & sheepskin on the table so he won't freeze his tail to the table
until he gets too cold and wants back in the house
i did let him out again the other day, before the snow got so deep
he crawled under the car, and then ventured out towards the lilac bush before i picked him up
where i'm standing is on the upper level of the lawn,
which is actually about 3 ½ feet or more above the ground where the boat is parked
looking at it from here, it looks like it is all level to the boat,
but if you were to step off and try to walk to the boat,
you'd be waist deep or more in snow

i know they said the groundhog didn't see his shadow
and we're going to have an early spring
but i'm not seeing it yet

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