Wednesday, February 17, 2016

name calling ...

a few years ago, i bought a book, You're Already Amazing by Holley Gerth, and it had a powerful impact on me.  i promptly went out and bought every other book of hers that i could get my hands on.

Holley has taken that book and turned it into a Life Growth Guide that will be released on 1 March, along with a DVD resource.  i get to be one of a handful of people on her launch team to get an early copy of both.

serendipity (my fav word!) is defined as a happy chance, or the unexpected discovery or benefit of something wonderful.

so when i see where i am in my life today, and the arrival of her new guide and dvd ... it is serendipitous.  there was a reason i was selected to be on her team, and i don't think it was for her, as much as it was for me.

i am nearing the age of being a speed limit, and i wish it was 30, but it isn't.  i'm not looking forward to it.  but i am looking forward to being able to say i'm reaching an age of enlightenment.  my life has changed once again, and i'm trying to define who i am.  i'm describing myself as a writer, an author, a weaver of words.  i'm stepping out of my comfort zones to do new things, things i once said i didn't want to do.  i'm stretching, growing, learning, and making choices that are based on who i am, who i want to be, and who i see when i look in the mirror.  when i look past the tired eyes, the laugh lines, the fading hair.  when i can erase in my mind's eye all of the physical aging things of life and see myself as He sees me ...

i thought i had hit a wall recently, lost my faith, and felt the darkness swallowing me ... and then suddenly, there was a light, a reminder, and a comforting breeze flowing through an open window...

i am already amazing
i am already loved
i am already called His
i am ... because He is

and whenever i doubt that again, whenever i feel lost in the darkness, i just need to remember that.

i am already amazing


  1. Cindi,
    So glad you were blessed by Holley's words...she is so encouraging...thanks for sharing your story :-)


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