Friday, February 26, 2016

morning ... in five


morning ... (groan, again?)
temperature outside?  20 degrees!?! (when is spring getting here?!?)
coffee (yes, please!!)
fuzzy slippers on (toes happy)
husband's robe (longer than mine it covers my ankles)
dog let out and back in (and back to bed he goes)
curl up in my favorite big chair (move cat)
down comforter wrapped around my lap & legs (made room for cat)
prayer time (my list of those in need tacked to the wall ~ ugh, i need new glasses again)
quiet (brain, i'm talking to you now)
feel His peace on my heart (thank you, Father!)
read today's scriptures and devotions (feel myself relaxing into the chair)
journal (where can i grow today, Father?)
plan out my day (where is my do-do-to-do list?)
coffee mug empty (groan ~ really must train the dog to get me more coffee)
reflect on the space in my prayer corner (could the coffee pot fit there?)
(maybe i'll just nap for a bit until David wakes up so he can fill my mug)



  1. I love this... and yes - I think having a coffee pot in a prayer corner pleases the Lord! LOL! I mean - if it's there, you WILL tarry longer, right?

    1. that is true... very true... and much easier than training the dog...

  2. You are awesome...loved this!


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