Wednesday, February 3, 2016

learning to fly ...

i suppose it couldn't have happened at a better time
losing a job in winter, especially here in the UP
when an overnight snowstorm can keep you
 housebound & snowbound
i had been complaining that work was interfering with my writing
that my hour commute each way left me too exhausted when i got home
to do much more than eat and sleep
i wore a cranky face most of the time
i've wanted to be a writer my whole life, so i wrote
long, newsy letters (the kind you hate to get at Christmas)
poems, high school newspaper articles
stories that i submitted to magazines and contests
and eventually, three actual books that i self published
but for some reason i never self-identified as a writer
until this week when someone asked me what i did
i told them i was self-employed as a writer, working from home
on freelance jobs and on another novel
i surprised myself when i said it.

maybe all of this was God's way of pushing me out of the nest
to fly on my faith in Him and my faith in myself

we are what we speak, so speak in faith, with love
especially for yourself

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